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Packing the Essentials

My phone buzzed as I crested the final mountain of my 20-mile hike.

“Wine, Ibuprofen and water. That should be your regimen,” a friend of mine wrote, imparting her own advice for the same hike, which she completed last year.

“Yes, wine, Ibuprofen and water… and edibles, a vape pen, oil and lotion,” I replied.

I’m writing this column from Spain, where I’m walking the last section of the ancient Camino de Santiago hike. The hike is five days, 70 miles, and the route is both physically and mentally challenging. It’s a religious pilgrimage that has also turned into a type of modern day soul-searching excursion for the thousands that make the trek each year. To me, a relatively inexperienced hiker who is also not exactly in shape, one thing topped my packing list: cannabis.

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September 27, 2018

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