KB Pure Essentials is a lifestyle company offering an all-natural line of wellness and beauty products formulated with CBD. Our goal is to bring the life and health changing benefits of CBD to every individual through easy accessibility while leading the way in community education.

Located in San Diego, California, the company was originally formulated in 2013 as an all-natural wellness brand and by early 2015 began to incorporate CBD into their product line. The addition of CBD to their brand was an instant success, and as word began to spread, so did the demand for these new products.

Realizing this significant and new potential to have a direct positive impact on peoples lives, the founders decided to re-brand and focus exclusively on formulating beauty and wellness products formulated with CBD.

Driven to create a high-quality, revolutionary line of products, the founders embarked on a journey of research and development, rooted in science and the medicinal benefits of hemp/CBD. The result is a full line of all-natural, top-quality, highly effective Hemp CBD Oil wellness and beauty products.

Co-Founders Katie Moodie and Brooke Brun met in 2009 and have been best friends ever since. Connecting over the desire to build a business on their own, the two quickly set out to create a company grounded in fostering a positive and empowering environment for their employees. They share a passion for helping others and encouraging individuals to take back ownership of their health. Driven by past experience and an eagerness to improve their own health, they were the first to test CBD oil on themselves. Having dealt with health challenges related to epilepsy, Brooke began to suffer from the side effects of her anti-seizure medication. Feeling frustrated with her situation, she believed there had to be a better way (a more natural way) to treat her condition. With help from Katie they started to research reports on CBD (a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis) being used to treat children with epilepsy. After testing several different brands of CBD products on the market at that time, none of them provided the results she was hoping for. This led to the idea of making the CBD oil themselves and incorporating it into their current product line.

After months of trial and error in extraction and experimentation, they formulated an oil that enabled Brooke to reduce her medication by 1000mg per day while remaining seizure free. She is now on what doctors consider a “non-therapeutic dose” of pharmaceutical medication combined with KB Hemp CBD Oil. The results only improved, not only were her seizures under control, she was no longer suffering from chronic depression and anxiety and was able to sleep through the night.

KB Pure Essentials exists because Katie and Brooke have experienced the powerful benefits of cannabis. It is their mission to BREAK THE STIGMA surrounding this SUPER herb, while providing quality products that can truly help change lives.



A graduate of UCSD with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Katie launched her entrepreneurial spirit into residential real estate soon after graduation. Fueled by the excitement of business development, she eventually realized she could combine this enthusiasm with her personal interests and passion for natural wellness. Diving into research, she began to develop natural remedies for her family, friends and colleagues and before long, her products were in demand.

Soon after, she became a new mother, which sparked her interest in “all things” organic. Recognizing this passion for wellness and a talent for formulating natural, handcrafted products, she teamed up with Brooke to launch KB Pure Essentials. From there Katie focused on exploring her fascination with cannabis and its multitude of health benefits. Finding a very supportive community in San Diego of other cannabis advocates, she teamed up with key scientific partners to utilize 100% of the plant in order to develop KB Pure Essentials organic product line.

The results were an amazing, unique skin care and wellness line infused with hemp (through a highly specialized extraction process) containing the various healing characteristics of cannabis. These new products were clean, natural and consistent in quality and dosage. Katie’s mission is to become a leader in cannabis education, while working closely with the scientific and holistic medicine communities to create more innovative products and bridge the gap between the public and cannabis as medicine.


A Northern California native, Brooke moved to San Diego in 2000 and kicked off her career in Human Resources. After 10 years in the HR industry and armed with the dream of becoming her own boss, she left the corporate world to follow her strong drive to find a career focused on helping others. Inspired by her own health journey, which included challenges with seizures, chronic depression, anxiety and fatigue, she set out in search of alternative options to combating these symptoms. After years of doctors’ visits and more prescription drugs, she had an instinct that the high dosage of pharmaceutical medications was beginning to cause unhealthy side effects. Seeking a healthier solution, she started to explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils Soon after she noticed an improvement in her health both physically and emotionally. This prompted a decision to make a lifestyle change, which included teaming up with Katie and launching KB Pure Essentials.

Living with the newly found benefits of essential oils, Brooke began searching for even more alternatives to seizure medications. In her search, she discovered CBD and it’s success in treating epilepsy. This launched her efforts in formulating a high-quality CBD oil, that she could test on herself. The change was so dramatic and improved she knew the introduction of CBD into KB Pure Essential products was a must. Seeing these incredible results in her own health, she was immediately drawn to the idea of helping others heal themselves naturally. Together with her business partner, they created a new vision for their company – to make an all-natural line of products to positively improve people’s lives. Drawing on her HR experience, Brooke built an infrastructure for KBPE aimed at scaling the company’s growth.

An advocate for empowering women, she set out to build a team of other like-minded women. Her passion and drive for success has constantly pushed her to learn new skills that will benefit the public, her team and herself.


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