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Helping you own your health – naturally.

How we started.

KB Pure Essentials was born from a passion for all things natural and organic – and helping real people with real ailments. In 2014 when the CBD industry was still in infancy, we were looking for reliable CBD products for our own ailments. Brooke was facing challenges due to side-effects from her anti-seizure medication and was looking for a natural product to assist with her condition and alleviate the side-effects from the pharmaceutical medication that she was using. Katie wanted to find a natural product to help cultivate her general health and wellbeing. 

We struggled to find a product that we could trust. There was a lot of ambiguity around potencies and the quality of the products available at the time. So we decided to make our own – sourcing the plant material, extracting the CBD, and having it tested for potency and purity.

We have been focusing solely on CBD-infused products since 2015 when we introduced our hand-crafted line of products at farmers’ markets. From there, our company grew, and we currently ship to all 50 states.

Our Products.

You and your health are important to us. That is why we use the best quality plants that are organically grown in the US and Europe. We combine this with the use of medical-grade ethanol to process pure and solventless CBD products. This is the closest process to that used to produce this natural medicine in ancient times. 

Our extraction processes allow us to isolate different cannabinoids that we incorporate into our different products to address specific needs. 

We use a locally produced organic olive oil base in our CBD tinctures, eliminating that bitter taste that is sometimes synonymous with CBD products. We also make use of the highest quality essential oils to increase the therapeutic benefits of our products.

Our products are backed by science and input from passionate experts in the field. They have also been formulated based on feedback from people like Brooke and over 10, 000 volunteer customers who found relief for their ailments while using our products.

Our products are about you, our customers. We are always sniffing out new information and working with scientists, doctors, and our customers to produce the best products for their needs. Heck, we even draw on ancient knowledge and uses of this healing herb to offer you all the benefits that this plant has to offer.

All of our products are tested by a third-party laboratory that specializes in cannabis testing. This helps us to ensure that our products are accurate in potency and free from any contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and molds.

We realize that CBD does not always work for everybody and everUsy body – that is why we offer a money-back guarantee. 

But is it legal?

We are glad you asked. Yes, our CBD products are completely legal according to the Federal Farm Bill which was passed in 2014 and then amended and passed again 2018. Our CBD products are derived from organically grown hemp plants and contain minimal THC as is legally allowed in the Farm Bills. 

It’s all about you.

We have personally experienced the benefits of incorporating CBD into our lives and want to share those benefits with you. Our purpose is to help you own your health – naturally.




Katie draws from her background in psychology and her passion for all things natural and organic to formulate and produce KB Essentials’ hand-crafted line of CBD products.

She started out developing natural remedies for her family, friends, and colleagues. She teamed up with her best friend, Brooke, to launch KB Pure Essentials. Initially, the company focused mainly on crafting natural health and wellness products. Katie was (and still is) fascinated about the health benefits of the cannabis plant and worked with Brooke to develop a CBD product that harnesses these benefits. Today, these CBD-infused products are the cornerstone of KB Pure Essentials.

Katie loves spending time with her friends and family cultivating relationships and wellness at every opportunity. As a single mother, she prides herself on creating a healthy environment for her son- Atom- to thrive. They especially love to visit the beaches of San Diego for surfing in the summertime and snow-capped mountains for snowboarding in the winter. Traveling with her son is a priority, and they both love to go on adventures whenever life allows!


Brooke is a Northern California native with a background in the Human Resources industry. She uses her background in business to come up with creative and innovative ways to grow Kb Pure Essentials.

Brooke’s experience with natural products and their health benefits was exploratory at first. She started using essential oils to help alleviate symptoms of seizures, chronic depression, anxiety, and fatigue. After experiencing improvements in her own life, she teamed up with Katie to create KB Essentials. As she dug deeper into all things natural, she, working with Katie, discovered CBD and personally experienced its healing benefits. The improvement in Brooke’s quality of life was so dramatic that the pair were compelled to make CBD-infused products the foundation of their business.

Brooke now enjoys gardening and going on road trips with her husband and three dogs. Her dream is to inspire others with her journey in natural wellness. To one day have a family and share her story with them is a big motivator to keep moving forward when times are tough. Also, hearing the positive feedback from her loyal customers brightens each new day and keeps reminding her WHY she loves doing what she does!

We at Kb Pure Essentials take pride in our products because we make them in-house at our facility located in San Diego, CA.  While most other CBD companies utilize large manufacturing facilities, often out of state or even out of the country, we do it all ourselves.  From choosing the highest quality herbs, ingredients, and CBD extracts to formulating, to packaging, to production- it’s all us and we love what we do!  We work hard to make sure every product is made with care, lab tested to verify label accuracy, and used by ourselves and staff first to test efficacy, scent, texture, and taste.  If we don’t love it, then we don’t sell it!  

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