Private Label Manufacturing


Private Label/White Label Manufacturing

Choose any of our Kb Pure Essentials or K&B Labs products for your product line!  We offer custom formulations for Private Label as well as tried and true finished products professionally formulated by a PHD Organic Chemist.  Our products have been perfected for stability and extended shelf life as well as customer reviewed for efficacy.  We use all natural ingredients for emulsification, fragrance, and anti-microbial properties as well as the highest quality actives for optimal results.  We can assist with your label and brand designs if needed too!

Product Formulation

Do you have a product idea and just need help bringing it to fruition?  We can help!  Work with our team of scientists and herbal professionals to help design your product from start to finish.  We charge one flat fee for formulating your samples.  Once we have your approval, then we can move forward to full production.  Just allow 1 to 2 weeks for formulation and then another 2 weeks for production, and you are ready to sell!

Filling, Labeling, Packaging

Has your business gotten too big to handle by yourself?  We can help!  Now offering full production lines for small and medium sized companies.  We offer assistance with filling, labeling, and even creating the perfect package to fit your brand.

Product Training & Education

Not sure how to sell your products online? We figured it out for you! Let us help you grow your business using our tried and true methods for online retailing, advertising, data tracking, and more. With our combined 16 years of experience, we’ve seen and done it all. Don’t fall for big marketing companies charging exorbitant fees with no guaranteed results. Call us today!

Brand Design

Do you have a logo and nothing else? Perfect! We can take your design and turn it into a product ready for a high-end retail shop, or even chain drug store distribution. Whatever your brand goals are, we can help design and create your finished products and marketing materials to match.

Drop Shipping

Need help shipping finished products directly to your customers? We can store and ship out packages with a 3-5 day turn around guaranteed! Let us take the burden of shipping and customer service off your hands so you can focus on growing your business. We succeed when you succeed so we’re in it together. Call us today!


Katie Moodie



KB Pure Essentials began as a lifestyle company offering an all-natural line of wellness and beauty products formulated with hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD). Our goal is to bring the life and health changing benefits of CBD to every individual through accessibility and community education.

Located in San Diego, California, we established our company in 2013 as an all-natural wellness brand and by early 2015 began to incorporate CBD into our product line.

Driven to create a high-quality and revolutionary line of products, we embarked on a journey of research and development. Rooted in science and the medicinal benefits of various herbs and hemp derived CBD, our highly effective products started bringing customers back again and again. The result of years of anecdotal evidence and market research is a full line of all-natural, top-quality, highly effective Hemp CBD Oils and topicals. Collectively, our brand spans across the industries of wellness, beauty and even pet care.

Looking forward, Kb Pure Essentials has found a unique niche in the manufacturing space, and is now well known for custom herbal infusions with and without hemp CBD. While the KB brand continues to grow in popularity in the retail space, we have also expanded our facility to fulfill needs in custom herbal infusions, bulk oils and private label manufacturing for already established cosmetic brands as well as emerging hemp CBD brands.

Crafted by Necessity and Perfected by Passion, Kb Pure Essentials exists to Live, Love and Inspire!


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