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Everyday Solutions
for Everyday People


Top CBD Products at KB Pure Essentials

Take Control

It’s YOUR Life

Find balance day or night by taking 1-3 Gummies per day or a few drops of oil under your tongue daily.
Rub our Topical Creams on joints & muscles for quick relief from everyday aches and pains.
Calm high stress pets and reduce inflammation in joints with CBD Pet Oils and Chews (for all sizes).

Get to Know Us

81,000+  Views

The Story of Katie & Brooke


Everyone has a trauma that can lead to anxiety and pain.  Katie and Brooke are best friends who ventured on a journey to better themselves and find a more balanced lifestyle.

Balance Your Day

10MG Strawberry Gummies


Achieve everyday balance with 1-3 CBD Gummies.
Perfect for everyday stress and anxieties.

Quick Muscle & Joint Relief

Deep Relief Salve


Quick relief for everyday aches and pains. Rub on and go!

Sweet Dreams

Herbal CBD + CBN oil


Fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night with a few drops under the tongue before bed. Wake up rested and ready to go!

Effective Products

“I finally found relief! I recommend Kb to all my family and friends. They were able to help direct me to the product I needed and…it really worked! Thank you for helping me get back to life.”



“the ladies at Kb are a walking example of how well their products work. Not only that, but their passion for helping other resonates with me and I love supporting other like-minded, small women-owned businesses!”



“Thank you Kb Pure Essentials for making such amazing products available to those of us who have been suffering for years!!!!!!”



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