Hemp CBD Oil Products

All-Natural CBD Oil And Hemp Oil Beauty and Wellness Products.

Mask Sanitizer & Deodorizers (80% Alcohol)

Try our NEW Mask Sanitizer and Deodorizing Sprays made with amazing blends of therapeutic grade essential oils which not only smell great, but keep you feeling great throughout the day!

CBD Oils

All our CBD Oils are made in small batches and third party tested to maintain quality control. At Kb, we use only the finest ingredients to consistently produce the purest oils and deliver the maximum benefits of the whole hemp plant.

Wellness Topicals

Our Hemp CBD salves are some of our top selling products. They have a smooth texture and subtle aroma of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and CBD which are all known to promote relief!

Hemp Pets™

A holistic approach to pet care harnessing the perks of Hemp CBD oil. Our Hemp Pets Line offers natural remedies and holistic blends to treat your furry loved ones right. Your four legged friends will be thanking you.

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Election Anxiety? CBD Can Help Combat the Stress

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