Do you ever wish that you could spend more time with your senior loved ones? Perhaps you live far away from your parents, or it’s been a while since you were able to visit a beloved grandparent. If you don’t see your senior loved one as often as you would like, and they’re feeling a bit lonely, helping them get connected with senior-friendly technology just might be the solution. 

Teaching your senior loved one how to use electronic devices is simpler than you might think, and there are plenty of tech tools that can help them chat with their friends and relatives with ease. Here’s how to get the senior in your life set up with these convenient gadgets!

Affordable Internet Connection

You might be excited by the prospect of giving your senior loved one new devices so that the two of you can stay in touch, but don’t rush out to make any purchases before ensuring that your senior has a reliable, affordable Internet connection at home. 

If your loved one is living on a relatively tight budget, they do not have to settle for mediocre service. In fact, they might be eligible for high-speed Internet at a discount. Spend a little time shopping around with your loved one to find the right provider at a reasonable price. 

Also take the time to talk about internet safety, since seniors often fall victim to online scammers. Discuss issues like password use, questionable emails and safeguarding personal information. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to online security!

Once you’ve made sure your senior is set up for a safe and sound internet experience, it’s time to start shopping for senior-friendly tech. 

Simple Smartphone

As all-natural wellness company KB Pure Essentials reminds us, making a stronger effort to prioritize our relationships with our loved ones is one of the keys to living a happy lifestyle. Helping your senior loved one choose the perfect smartphone is one way to help them maintain those important relationships. 

You might assume that your senior loved one would be opposed to getting a smartphone, or would find it too difficult and confusing to use, but you might be surprised! There are plenty of great smartphone models for seniors on the market today. AllsWell suggests looking for a smartphone with an easy-to-read font that your loved one can zoom in on, built-in voice command capability, and a bright, clear display that will allow them to see icons and text without difficulty. 


Responsive Smart Speaker

Smart speaker systems can be very useful for seniors. A simple voice command allows them to make phone calls and hear their loved ones’ voices, and they can also utilize the speaker to ask questions and look up information. 

Smart speakers are slowly becoming common household items, so there are plenty of options to choose from! PopSci recommends comparing speakers based on price, sound quality, and size. If your senior loved one has a smartphone, you could also look for a speaker that is compatible with their phone. 


User-Friendly Tablet

Tablets are great for emailing, video chatting, and exchanging family photos. In addition, your senior loved one might enjoy reading on a tablet, especially if they travel frequently – it’s far less bulky than carrying around books! Most tablets are very user-friendly and would be relatively intuitive for seniors to operate, but when helping your loved one select a model, there are a few factors to keep in mind. They would likely prefer a tablet with a larger screen that was designed for entertainment and communication rather than work and productivity. 

If your senior loved one does not have many friends or relatives nearby, they will likely benefit from incorporating these devices into their life. As life goes on, keeping in touch with those we care about can become more difficult, and learning to use senior-friendly technology can make a positive difference. With these tools, your senior loved one will have no trouble staying connected!


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