Although they are sometimes interchanged, emotional health is not the same as mental health. Your emotional health deals with your emotions, vulnerabilities, and actions. Good emotional health allows you to build resilience, become self-aware, have deeper relationships, and overall, live a happier more balanced life.

Emotional health isn’t about striving for one hundred percent happiness all the time, but it’s about having the resources, skills and emotional intelligence to deal with whatever is thrown in your direction!

How to Improve Your Emotional Health

Good Sleep

1. Get Good Sleep 

One of the biggest contributors to your overall health is based on how well, and how much rest your body gets. So there is no surprise that the same thing goes for our emotions. When your body and mind are well-rested, it gives you the ability to approach problems with a fresher, more rational, and emotionally intelligent manner. Check out our blog about Good Sleeping Habits here. 


2. Eat a nutrition-rich diet supported by natural supplements & vitamins. 

Food on its own can bring on a lot of emotions like guilt, comfort, reward… but did you know there are foods genuinely promote happiness? Some are quinoa, salmon, mushrooms, yogurt, leafy greens… and so much more! Eating a nutrition-rich diet supported by natural supplements like our 1000mg CBD Oil, help support our emotions while nourishing our bodies!


3. Practice Mindfulness

According to Psychology Today, Mindfulness is to not take things for granted, to return to the present moment, and it is the self-regulation of your curiosities with openness and acceptance. Mindfulness is just not one practice, but it is a combination of many little practices that you take part in every day. 


4. Shift your outlook

This one is easier said than done, it very hard to shift your outlook when things seem to be going horribly wrong. The best advice is to just try to take each obstacle as it comes and try to approach them with a more positive, and confident perspective.  

5. Strengthen Your Connections

Strengthen the relationships you have with those around you, and with those who you love. Building a support system and having people to talk to and support your emotions makes you feel safe and stronger. 

Emotional Health

6. Begin New Hobbies

Hobbies allow you to pour yourself and your emotions into something that enriches your life and brings you fulfillment. Anything that brings you joy is okay, whether it be hiking, reading, gardening, sewing, running, painting… you name it, it is good for your emotional health! 


If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional health, the following resource is available:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255  |  www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org


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