Establishing Healthy Sleeping Habits


Getting proper rest is extremely important for both our mental and physical health! Having a proper bedtime routine helps the body and mind wind down and prepare for a restful, and restorative night of sleep. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite Healthy Sleeping Habits!



Sleep Habits

1. Establish a bedtime routine!

The routine does not have to be complex but can be as simple as making yourself a cup of tea before bed every night (might we suggest adding 10 drops of our Sweet Dreams oil for extra restful sleep!), reading your favorite book, taking a bubble bath, or even doing some night time yoga! This time allows us to de-stress and tells our minds and body that it is time to go to bed.



Sleepy Tea

2. Shut off bright lights at least 30 minutes before bed! Avoiding bright lights close to bedtime will give your eyes a much-needed break, and help you fall asleep faster. There is no need to be on your phone right before bed, no matter how hard it is to resist. The bright lights from cellphones put so much stress on our eyes, it’s important to give them a break too!


Lights Off



3. Take CBD and/or CBN before bed to aid with restful sleep! As you all know, CBD and CBN have so many amazing beneficial qualities and being a natural sleeping aid is one of them. If you are having trouble sleeping, we highly suggest trying our Herbal Blend Sweet Dreams Oil with CBD & CBN. CBN is another cannabinoid found in Hemp that helps with sleep without leaving you with the groggy after the effect of many sleeping aids! To learn more or to buy our Herbal Blend Sweet Dreams Oil click here



Sleep CBD

We would love to hear how all of you wind down and get ready for a restorative night’s sleep! Comment your favorite healthy sleeping habit below! Take pictures of how you incorporate CBD into your bedtime routine and tag us on Instagram! We love learning new tips & tricks from you all! 


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