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Starting a small business is not an easy task, and for women, it presents a special set of challenges. Being a woman-owned small business can feel like an uphill battle, from dealing with mansplaining to navigating the “old boys club.” But hey, you’ll cry over it if you can’t laugh about it, right? So let’s take a lighthearted look at some of the challenges faced by small businesses run by women.


The conflict of the “old boys club”. It may seem as though there may not be a lot of women in the small company world, and it may be challenging for women to succeed there. Ladies, we’ll just have to form our own club, so don’t worry. We’ll call it the “old gals club,” and instead of alcohol and cigars, we’ll convene over cannabis, coffee and chocolate.


The battle of “I’m not taken seriously”. Even if you do succeed in breaking into the small business environment, you could still feel like nobody takes you seriously. Even though you may have to put in more effort to establish your worth, at least you are not employed by the boss.  Keep in mind that YOU’RE a boss lady! You’ll be OK.


The battle of “I have to be flawless” when you operate your own business. The demand to be perfect that society places on women can become even stronger. But let’s face it, true perfection is overrated! Take ownership of your flaws and embrace them.


Being a small business owner and a woman might be challenging, but it’s also extremely gratifying. So let’s toast to all the strong women out there fighting the good fight by raising an iced mocha latte in their honor. Cheers!


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