Deep Relief Sport Cream 1000mg 4oz

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**NEW** Kb Pure Essentials Sport Cream is 1000mg of Hemp CBD packed in a 4oz jar and blended with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are specially selected for more effective relief.  Get the same GREAT pain management with no oils left on top of the skin.  Rub it on, get dressed and be ready for your day!!  And if you play as hard as you work…using our Sport Cream while you play won’t leave your hands greasy so you can swing and throw all day with ease!

  • No Greasy Residue
  • Relief in Seconds!
  • Cooling Menthol Sensation

Our LARGE 4oz Salve will keep you feeling great even longer so you don’t have to re-order as often. All the compounds in our special formula are activated and work together to bring you complete pain management – FAST!

This unique blend is our most powerful combination of pain management in a jar, and is one of the most potent products from our store. We strive to bring you the best of nature from our 100% organic blends.

Directions:  Rub a small amount onto desired areas.  You should feel better within 1 to 5 minutes!

All batches are third party tested by SDPharm Labs (an independent lab).

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Mango Butter, Montanov 68, MCT Coconut Oil, Shea Olien, Cetearyl Alcohol, Jojoba Oil, Hemp CBD Extract, Elderberry OS, Menthol, Essential Oil Blend

25 reviews for Deep Relief Sport Cream 1000mg 4oz

  1. Scott P.

    This cream is amazing. I have really bad lower back pain and work on my feet all day. I put this on after I shower and I don’t wake up in pain in the middle of the night!

  2. Nancy C.

    I have never tried CBD and I was really happy this worked. A lot of my friends said they tried stuff online and it didn’t do anything for them…I’m telling all my friends about Kb! Ships right to my door every month too.

  3. Randy Edmondson

    Been using this product for about 6 months now and really love it. I just signed up for the subscription so I don’t have to remember to order every month.

  4. Carol Davis

    I’m already a regular buyer of the lotion and night cream, but my joints have been stiff lately and gave this a try. Once again, an amazing product and I will certainly be sharing this with my friends!

  5. Andrew Jones

    I use it everyday! Love that it isn’t greasy or heavy. Menthol isn’t overpowering so I can put it on in the morning before work and it lasts pretty much all day.

  6. Corinne Bellopi

    I tell everyone about this product. Works great…but if it doesn’t, they have a moneyback guarantee on all their products. I can’t wait to try the Hand Sanitizer!

  7. Paige Downing

    I use it after work everyday. Really helps my muscles and joints relax after serving all day.

  8. Adam Q.

    I alternate between this and the Deep Relief Salve. I like the salve at night because it is heavier and hydrating. I like the Sport Cream during the day because it isn’t oily and absorbs fast.

  9. Madison Keller

    Absorbs fast. Works fast. Smells good. Reasonable price. Everything I’m looking for in a CBD topical!

  10. Kurt Keller (verified owner)

    I have been experiencing the benefits of CBD pain relieving creams for several years now. KB products work well and allow me to exercise vigorously and play golf as well. I recommend KB products to my friends and family.

  11. Michelle (verified owner)

    1000mg CBD Sports cream is the best product I have used. It helped immediately

  12. Danny R.

    1 jar lasts me about 2 months. I use it on my lower back and knees everyday…sometimes 2 times per day. As it gets colder, it helps my joints loosen up in the morning.

  13. Lynn Nikolenko (verified owner)

    This is the best product I’ve found to relieve the pain in my hips and shoulders. I use it every morning and night, and combined with some yoga and pilates, I have more relief than I could have hoped for.My dog is especially happy because it means more walks for her.

  14. Sam A.

    I’m so happy I finally found a CBD topical that works! My friend got this for me after I gave up on CBD. I was skeptical and very surprised at how this works! I’ll be a loyal customer.

  15. Marcia Kern

    The 1000 mg CBD Deep Sports Cream works well on my very arthritic knees. It gives me relief for several hours. Great product!

  16. Danielle S.

    I use this for my cramps on my lower abdomen and lower back. Works fast and doesn’t leave oil stains on my clothes. I can put it on throughout the day…super quick and easy.

  17. Josh Z.

    I was skeptical ordering this online but it was recommended by a friend and they had a money back guarantee. This stuff WORKS! I’m signing up for the subscription on my next order.

  18. Bri K.

    I’m a big golfer so I like that I can put this on while I’m playing and it doesn’t leave my hands all oily. Works fast and smells good too!

  19. Angie P.

    My father really loves this. My girlfriend recommended it to me after she tried this brand at a market in San Diego…I have him signed up on auto-reorders. It’s so easy and they ship it to him automatically every month.

  20. Andy Simmons

    I recommend this to all my friends. I love supporting such a great company AND this stuff is amazing! Works really fast…much better than lots of other CBD stuff I tried.

  21. Eddie Deluza

    I like the cooling sensation from the menthol, but the smell isn’t overpowering. Best CBD topical I’ve tried. I like supporting a woman owned small business too!!

  22. Peggy P (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for about 6 months I have lower back issues and have had 2 surgeries and a third is not in the picture since I do not want plates in my back. This cream has relived the pain. I put it on in the morning after my shower and if I have been on my feet or walking more than normal again at night. It has been a life saver. Love this product

  23. Kurt Keller (verified owner)

    I continue to use the 1000 mg pain reliever. This sports creme gives me relief for weightlifting workouts and golf. It works wonders for me! Pain in my shoulders, knee and back disappear. I use this several days a week when I know I will push my limits. This is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!

  24. JudyP (verified owner)

    This works well on joint, muscle, & nerve pain. It works better if used daily according to my doctor.

  25. Cyndy (verified owner)

    Excellent Product! I had joint surgery on my thumb in May and have been going to therapy and I was pretty uncomfortable until I found this gem! I rub a little on my thumb and wrist several times a day and before bed! Relief! I cannot say enough great things about this!

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