I’m sure if you are here, you probably already have a pretty good idea about what CBD is. It is one of the 100 cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring compounds found in Hemp. In the last couple of years, CBD has become extremely popular for it’s reported benefits of reducing stress, helping with anxiety, pain and so much more! 
What a lot of people don’t know is that CBD has the same proven effectiveness for animals as it does for humans – well some at least. CBD reacts the same in all mammals, therefore it has amazing benefits for your fur babies!
CBD for Pets
Our pets are like our children, meaning that we want to give them the absolute best that we can whenever we can – and that includes looking out for their health!
Here are the best ways to give CBD to your fur babies!


1. The most straight forward way of giving your pet CBD is to directly apply the CBD oil directly into your fur baby’s mouth. If this is too difficult, no worries! There are other great ways of getting the amazing effects of CBD into your pet’s body!


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2. Something that is for sure to make your fur babies excited to take CBD is mixing the CBD with a yummy treat! (maybe with peanut butter and a banana slice). You could also make your own natural treats & add some of our Hemp Pets CBD Oil! Check out these amazing recipes for CBD dog treats here!

CBD Oil Dog Treats



3. Another easy & sure way of getting CBD into your pet’s daily diet is by mixing the CBD in with their regular meals!

CBD Dog Treats



4. There are so many other ways to incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily life other than food. You could always try giving your fur baby a CBD bath! Even though bath time might not be your pet’s favorite activity, bathing your pets with CBD  allows their skin to soak up all the healing powers of CBD.  You can find our Hemp Pets Soothing Pet Shampoo here! (Hemp Pets Soothing CBD Shampoo)

Pet CBD Bath


Take pictures of your fur babies using our Hemp Pets products and we will post them on our Instagram! Just give us a tag! We cannot wait to see all the cuteness! 



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