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More often than not, as a brand grows the products grow in popularity, but we lose sight of the people behind making the products and building the company.  We feel it is important to know the faces behind our brand.  We want our customers to know there are people behind the products who genuinely want to improve their quality of life.

IMG_6893IMG_6890 Christie AultI feel like our life is unique in the fact that Katie and I have been able to be best friends, roommates and run a business together, successfully, for the last three years.  And a little over a year ago, one of our best friends, Christie, moved in with us and quickly became a key member of our lives and our business.  A lot of people say it isn’t a good idea to go into business with friends, but our experience has taught us otherwise.  Running a business with strong women who we love and trust has been the most rewarding and joyful time in our lives.  Sure, the future is unknown, but as of now we have helped each other flourish in ways we never thought possible.  I often joke that we are like a heard of elephants, a matriarch that lives together, travels together, grows together.

So why does it work? Communication, trust and love.  I truly believe living together actually strengthened our business relationship. We were forced to express our frustrations, talk about our personal issues, understand each other’s struggles and then forgive each other, make compromises and work together.  It’s far from easy, but it is easier than doing it all alone!

We each have our strengths and support one another in those areas.  katieKatie has the magical talent of formulating and creating all of the products.  Her degree is in Psychology from UCSD so she also has the magical talent of forcing us all to communicate and work through our issues so we can move forward.  She’s the rock we can always rely on to remind us that everything is going to be okay.


Christie is our Chief Operating Officer, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Doula and currently pursuing her degree in nursing.  She is also a Navy Combat Veteran who specialized in Medical Rescue.  But it is her empathy combined with her intelligence that makes her such a key member in our growth and daily operations of the company.  She truly lives to serve others.

I librookeke to think of myself as the creative mind and the one who keeps the balance in our trio.  My background is in Human Resources so I love customer service, research and focusing on building our company.  My search of a way to reduce my seizure medications led us into the cannabis industry where I had personal success with the Hemp CBD Oil Katie and I crafted.  I want us to be a trusted brand in this very new industry, and I am lucky to have two incredible women at my side who want the same thing.

As we grow, we plan to be even more directly involved in medical research and development, educational outreach as well as expand our collaborations with physical and mental health advocates.  We spend almost every day of our lives talking about how we can improve our products, how we can expand our brand awareness, how we can be more of service to others, how we can build a strong team so we are more efficient and how we can improve our own lives.  We are more than a product line.  We are a group of women who have dedicated our lives to making this world even more beautiful!

We welcome you all to join our journey!


By Brooke Brun

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