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 Good Health & Your Golden Years: How Seniors Can Stay Well As They Age | KB Pure Essentials
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With every passing year, the importance of emphasizing overall health in your daily life increases. This is not to say that staying fit, eating right, and keeping your mental health in order isn’t important for everyone — but that seniors must do even more to ensure they stay healthy and happy. Hoping to find relief and reduce prescription use, seniors are turning to alternatives such as preventative care and holistic options for daily struggles with sleep, stress, aches and pains.  A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association concluded that chronic pain sufferers who were legally able to use medical cannabis ended up using fewer opioids and other prescription drugs.

While not always easy, maintaining good health into your golden years can be simple if you follow some basic practices. Here’s what you can start doing today.

Exercise in a senior-friendly manner

A common tip you often see for anyone trying to live a healthy life is to get daily exercise. While this tip can be given without qualifications to most people, seniors need a small caveat. The exercises you choose need to take your specific needs into account. Perhaps you need lower-impact activities like swimming, stationary biking, or even yoga. Maybe most of your exercising needs to be done indoors. Luckily, there are a lot of options, from walking at your local mall to following YouTube workout videos at home. Exercise that improves joint health is also of special importance to seniors.

Try 30 minutes a day at first. Only exercise more if your body feels up to it. Above all else, just listen to your body and don’t try to push through abnormal pain. Consider adding a few supplements, such as CBD oil or chondroitin, to your routine, which may help to reduce inflammation and discomfort during and after you exercise.

Make it easy to eat healthy

Even if you have been cooking for yourself your whole life, cooking healthy is a different animal. It’s often tough to stay in a healthy food routine, but it’s so important to your overall wellbeing that you make eating right as simple as possible.

You can use modern delivery services and apps to help you with this. Meal kit delivery companies ship pre-packaged, pre-portioned ingredients and detailed cooking instructions right to your door. You can also try apps like Instacart and other grocery delivery services. Finding recipes and shopping for groceries are often the two biggest impediments to healthy cooking. Doing what you can to remove them can help.

You should also know where to find healthy recipes. Here, the internet is your best friend. You should be able to find thousands of quick, healthy recipes of all types in fewer than five minutes of searching. For example, here are 50 of the most popular healthy recipes online. It’s that easy.

Focus on preventative care

Treating medical conditions after they materialize is more expensive and less efficient. As a senior, what you really want is to prevent yourself from developing many of the maladies that befall people of advanced age. You can do this through regular doctor visits, following through with all recommended screenings, and getting any and all vaccinations that medical professionals suggest.

Adding Hemp CBD to your daily regimen is a great natural alternative that can help seniors get relief from many ailments without the dependence and side effects that many synthetic drugs can cause.

There are also three habits that — more than any others — contribute to poor aging in seniors. Proper preventative care should include stopping smoking, reducing excess alcohol consumption, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Don’t forget about your brain

If you don’t do everything you can to take care of your mental health as you age, everything else won’t matter all that much. Things like exercise and proper diet will help your brain throughout your golden years, but you also need to focus on these three keys: socialization, stimulation, and stress relief. Make sure your life includes social activities with family and friends. Don’t stop learning. Try new things. Keep up with technology. And, last but not least, find what helps you reduce stress and do it every single day.

Physical and mental decline is not some sort of inevitability of age. Your golden years can and should be filled with health and happiness, and your ticket to that begins with improved focus on what goes in your body, how you spend your time and energy, the steps you take to prevent injury and illness, and how you ensure your brain stays sharp.




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