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Courtney’s Inspiring Brain Tumor Journey

In late 2015 Courtney Bell, 29 years old, began to experience frequent headaches that quickly progressed into migraines.  This was common in her family so she tried some different medications, but was not successful in relieving her pain.  Despite her discomfort, she needed to wait until after the holidays to get an MRI due to the massive out of pocket costs, “Me being me, I prolonged it and prolonged it, but my headaches were getting so bad I had to go to the doctor.” In April 2016 she finally scheduled an MRI and made a later appointment for the results.

On April 29, 2016, one week after Courtney’s 30th birthday and only three days after her MRI, she got sick and had to return to the doctor. It was a usual check up visit with her general practitioner and assuming everything would be okay (as it always had been in the past), she asked, “Oh do you have the results of the scan from Monday?” There was a long pause and Courtney remembered thinking that maybe the doctor couldn’t find the results in the system.  After a while, the doctor said “Yeah they came back. You have a brain tumor. You have meningioma” (

At first, Courtney didn’t fully grasp the news the doctor had given her, “I didn’t process it at all, I said ‘okay’. It didn’t phase me.  She started working through the process of what’s going to come next and I just said, ‘OK’!  When the doctor asked if I was alright, I said, ‘Yeah, I’m fine!’”  Twenty minutes went by, and Courtney was still not phased by her diagnosis.  She Googled information about meningioma and everything she found online made the surgery process sound so simple; they just go in, take the tumor, and you’re on your way.img_0133

Later on, when she saw her MRI scan in person, the news of her illness finally sank in. Her tumor was the size of a silver dollar behind her left ear, “I saw it on the scan and it finally hit me. I had a brain tumor.” Doctors expected her treatment to consist of a 4-5 hour surgery with a 2-3 day stay in the ICU. The reality ended up being an 8 ½ hour surgery, a week and a half in the ICU and 5 ½  weeks in the hospital. Due to the location of the tumor, the surgeon was only able to remove 49% of the mass.  The rest was to be treated with radiation.

Courtney’s brother was familiar with cannabis and the therapeutic benefits it was offering other cancer patients.  Six months after Courtney’s surgery, he stopped by the kb Pure Essentials’ booth at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market and bought a 125mg Hemp CBD Oil  to bring to Courtney.  Within three weeks of starting CBD Oil, her cognitive skills significantly improved and her tremors have improved, “a million percent!”  About a month after starting the CBD Oil, she got kb Pure Essentials’ Deep Relief Pain Salve.  She uses it on her heels, neck and back for post surgery pain.  The CBD Oil is continuing to help with the pain and side effects from surgery and radiation treatment.

This incredibly resilient, stro16491213_10211770093153026_1807410052_ong, and spunky woman is left with many residual symptoms such as pain in her spinal cord and tumor location, headaches, tremors, eye and sight issues, minor speech issues, deafness in her left ear, a lacerated cornea, and general motor-skill issues. She keeps a positive outlook on the future and shares her journey on Facebook which you can follow at: Courtney’s Brain Tumor Journey (  She still has a long road ahead of her, but kb Pure Essentials is proud to be on that journey with her.

We want to sincerely thank Courtney for sharing her story with us and with so many who can relate to her journey.  We look forward to seeing her progress into an even stronger woman that she was before!

Live, Love and Inspire!

kb Pure Essentials

Interview By: Courtney Grove

Photos By: Courtney Bell

Article By: Brooke Brun

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