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Read all about it: Featuring Kb Pure Essentials!

Featured in For Legal Cannabis, Some New Wrinkles: Older Users Read Article HERE!      THROWBACK FEATURES! Read additional articles Kb Pure Essentials is featured in!   On The Market Cultivating Business with Women Grow 12 Natural Bath and Body Products for Healthy,...


REV UP YOUR VALENTINE!   We all have that fire in us! The inner-love we have for ourselves. The passion we have to connect with others. The intimacy we desire in our lives. In this month, dedicated to all things love, we put together a list of ways you can spice...

For the love of our Four-legged Companions!

For the love of our Four-legged Companions! As every four-legged animal lover knows, furry companions make for some of the best and loyal friends anyone could wish for! It is thought to be around 10,000 years ago when humans began to love four-legged animals. Evolving...

The Women Who Are Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

The Women Who Are Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry Women in the Industry Women weren’t in the spotlight the way they are now, in the Cannabis Industry. Up until a couple years ago, women weren’t reachable as colleagues, mentors or leaders. This is because the use...

Why Do We Use Olive Oil & CBD?

Olive Oil & The Endocannabinoid System Our unique hemp oil, here at KB Pure Essentials is blended with organic extra virgin olive oil grown locally in California; we infuse the whole hemp plant, organically grown, so it has a natural balance of compounds, terpenes,...

Who can benefit from CBD?

Who can benefit from CBD? The World Anti Doping Agency announced on the September 2017, that CBD (Cannabidiol) will no longer be banned from use, effective January 1st, 2018.   We believe that everyone can benefit from CBD! Now, with the ability to embark on a journey...

Happy New Year 2018: What is your Resolution?

We are all entering a new year, motivated and eager to pursue new endeavors and personal goals! We encourage you to start with focusing on yourself! Taking care of your body includes your mental and physical health. For this reason, we are proud to offer and...

Testimonials: Kb as an Alternative

Testimonials: Kb as an Alternative From botanicals to the first synthetic drugs, the development of synthetic chemical methods in the mid-1800s allowed scientists to systematically vary the structure of chemical substances, expanding their ability to evaluate the...

CBD for Everyday Wellness  

CBD for Everyday Wellness What is CBD? CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive component from the cannabis plant. CBD is one of many active components in the plant. Scientific and clinical research has proven its medicinal benefits and therapeutic value. CBD can be...

CBD: Methods of Consumption

CBD: Methods of Consumption Most of us are aware of the medicinal benefits that cannabis plants hold. Cannabis is now, more than ever, being explored and studied. From the findings of how each component reacts inside our bodies, to isolating different component of the...

The Kb Customer: Common CBD Uses

  It is always a great pleasure to hear when our CBD products change someone’s life for the better! Many kb Pure Essentials customers use our oils for various conditions. The most common uses among our customers is anxiety, insomnia, and pain/inflammation. Research...


  1. I suffer from Breast Cancer, which for me, is basically a Death Sentence on my life, the thoughts of having Breast Cancer burns and itches simultaneously in my heart that i was dead alive (and looks hideous). I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life. What I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me. It’s also a light, i am very grateful to Rick Simpson for helping me with the Hemp Oil and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Rick Simpson Know at:
    He saved my Life that is why i will keep on giving his testimonies.
    contact Rick Simpson at:

  2. Hi Rick,

    Passing on a marvelous news on how your cannabis oil medication cured my daughter’s cancer should be an inspiration to every cancer patients that a true cure is here to stay forever, so we should embrace the truth.

    extreme gratitude to Dr. Sylvan for His Cannabis Oil which has been used in curing my daughter’s breast cancer within 4 months.

    My Daughter has been battling with breast cancer for the past 13 years, having gone through various treatment like Surgery, Chemo, radiation, pills and so on without a promising result in the past years. I was able to find out about the Rick Simpson Hemp or cannabis Oil which after obtaining the full knowledge about this Cannabis Oil, we decided to order some from Dr. Sylvan as my daughter started using the Oil immediately. It 5 months now with a test results that she is free from Breast cancer, I mean free from all disease within her system. it still like a dream we are trying to wake up from. My daughter victory over breast cancer and other diseases within 5 months, Whoa. What A living God we serve. Katrina Successful in beating her breast cancer within 5 months constant treatment with Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil which we sourced via: or

    I really haven’t seen a miraculous medication like the cannabis Oil and I must applaud you Sir, for all you have been doing to the the Citizen of America as Our founding Father would be extremely proud of you for putting an end to the Souls being lost to cancerous disease since the existence of humans.

    If we truly seek victory over cancer and other diseases, Tumor, Acne, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, MS e.t.c, then I volunteer that we should join hands with Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil recipe in fighting against all diseases as so much precious soul could still be saved. So much thanks to Dr. Sylvan. contact via: or
    Thanks Rick, Dr. Sylvan for providing the cannabis oil with a potency of 90% THC and 51% CBD which have been the successful song in our family.

    This is the kind of news you should never keep to yourself, it your civil right to make a publicity to the world, as hope is needed by all.
    Thanks All as we share the Good news of Mine to save more souls from suffering.

  3. I am so grateful to Dr.RICK SIMPSON for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America. I was diagnose with cancer of the lungs 8 months ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped issues, but only damaged my immune system and frustrated me. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Rick Simpson could provide me with Hemp Oil i contact him on: for the procurement of this medication,the medication was procured and delivered within 2 days and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months.I am here to let every one know that am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a total change in my health, with Dr. Dr.Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America region and Europe at large, get your Hemp oil from Dr. Rick Simpson at:

  4. I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in the treatment of cancer “if not by the government and there so called rules to regulate cannabis my dad would still have been alive. Thanks to the new policy of legalizing cannabis in my state and have even lost my husband kidney, and it was really shocked and surprised when I see a lot of documentary on how the cannabis oil had helped many people to whom His family thought they never could do next undergoing several “Chemo” from the department of my heart, and I have to say a word of appreciation to Dr Brown Nelson for timely intervention in the lives of my husband suffering from kidney cancer. As I write this testimony in this blog my husband is so strong and healthy even though he have not completed the total dosage “for cannabis and medical consultation opportunity and get in touch with him if you are a cancer patient through their email: ( so you can get more details.

    Treatment Reginae:
    I have a pretty big tolerance for marijuana, so my husband started off with a full grain of rice sized amount of oil instead of a half grain. I gradually increased the dosage every night until he reached a full gram each night. The standard protocol for Dr Brown Nelson Oil is ingesting a total of 60 grams over the course of 2-3 months, but I had 70 grams in total for safe measure. I used the excess as a topical skin care treatment, attacking the visible brown spots on hisface and neck.

    3 months later, my husband cancer was in full remission. Within 4 months, my husband was free from cancer- and officially received a clean bill of health from our doctors. What they don’t know is that the majority of my treatment was using by Dr Brown Nelson Oil. I did use some of the medication they prescribed, but it was in combination with the oil.

    I am elated I want to continue sharing with people who are experiencing what my husband went through that there is absolutely hope and a cure out there. They just need to be proactive and aggressive with treatment, don,t wait until it is too late. Get your medication via Email: (

    In addition to being an effective cancer fighter, there are some nice side effects that come from using the Dr Brown Nelson oil, for instance, I no longer need to take any pain killers. Just one or two drops of the oil will ease the pain and help you sleep like a baby. Best of all, its natural . . . Thanks to all the staff at Dr Brown Garden who guided me throughout this journey. You guys are awesome!

  5. I have red, itchy spots on my face, due to Rosacea. Fortunately, with the use of the Hemp Nightly Repair, my skin doesn’t itch nearly as often (mostly when the air temperature is extreme). It’s in a small jar that I can keep handy, so when my face starts to itch, I can apply it. Not only that, but it even smells great. This is after several year of trying a number of treatments, with little effect.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback…we are really excited that the Hemp Face Nightly Repair is helping you!!! 😀

  6. Hello, is the oil also good for Parkinsons?

    • Hi Yadira. I know CBD has been used to help with Partkinsons, however by law, we are not allowed to recommend any possible treatments. Project CBD and Realm of Caring are both free educational platfoms that have access to studies on specific ailments and can help set up a possible dosage regimen. I hope this helps!!


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