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(First Friend Selfie-2010)

kb Pure Essentials started through the passion and vision of best friends, Katie Moodie and Brooke Brun.  In 2014 Brooke began to experience challenging side effects from her seizure medications and went in search of a more natural approach for therapy.  She discovered doctors and scientists were doing CBD research on children with epilepsy and having positive results.  After trying several CBD brands on the market at that time, Brooke was still not getting the positive results she was seeing in the media.  Since Katie and Brooke were already in the business of making natural products, they decided to do their own research and make the CBD oil themselves.  Through trial and error, they found that a Hemp CBD infused olive oil was the most effective method for Brooke.  They worked together for a few months until they found that a small dosage of Brooke’s pharmaceutical


(First Farmer’s Market-2013)

medication combined with the Hemp CBD Oil daily was the perfect blend of treatment.  Brooke has now been seizure free since May 2015 (which is a record).  She was able to reduce her pharmaceutical medication by 1000mg per day and she no longer suffers from the emotional and physical side effects caused from the high dosage of


(125mg Hemp CBD Oil)

medication she was previously prescribed.  This has drastically improved her quality of life.  She no longer has to live with depression, anxiety and fatigue which she was forced to “tolerate” since the age of 13 (the onset of her epilepsy).  What started as a personal quest for a better quality of life quickly evolved into a company focused on helping, healing and inspiring people to look at natural alternatives in medicine, specifically hemp CBD oil.

“I feel lucky to have a best friend who was willing to formulate a product and help me figure out a solution to something that I struggled most of my whole life.  She took time out of her life to help take care of me in this process which involved constantly trying new methods of extraction, driving me everywhere, taking care of me after seizures and most of all being my direct support to continue my efforts.  While CBD alone didn’t control my seizures completely it did reduce the frequency of seizures I had without any medication.  We slowly introduced my prescribed medication back into my daily routine and continued with the hemp


(Liberty Station Public Market-2016)

(Hillcrest Farmer’s Market-2015)

CBD oil daily.  We found that only a small amount of my medication was needed to help control the seizures completely” (Brooke Brun).

Brooke and Katie found themselves completely obsessed with CBD and every day new research was being published for CBD not just helping with seizures, but with pain, inflammation, anxiety, cancer; using it topically offered relief from pain, eczema, psoriasis, itching, scarring and anti-aging.  They slowly began introducing their hand crafted Hemp CBD Oil into their skin care product line.  They experienced an overwhelming wave of support from not only their current clients, but also by the local cannabis community.  In early 2015, they added their handcrafted oil as a supplement and it quickly became their highest rated and top selling product.


(Talking Business-2016)

“We never imagined ourselves being involved in the cannabis industry, but when our hemp CBD oil began really changing the quality of life of our current clients and attracting a whole new market, it was an easy decision.  We re-branded our company and began to focus on the medicinal side of cannabis and made it our personal goal to help as many people as we could.  We became involved in the cannabis community and found that there were more people than we thought with the same focus and vision.  They have been a huge support and educational platform which has helped us better educate the public and ourselves.  Most of our work over the last two years has been public education to help reduce the stigma of cannabis, help make it a professional and regulated industry and show people there is more to cannabis than just getting “high” (Katie Moodie).

“As we grow and build our team, we plan to be even more directly involved in medical research and development, educational outreach as well as expand our collaborations with physical and mental health advocates.  Building a brand people can trust is our primary goal.  Cannabis is a very unique industry and we are really excited to be a part of movement focused on improving the mental and physical health of mankind.  We have and will continue to change and grow along with the industry, expanding ourselves and our business” (Brooke Brun).

You can learn more and see their entire product line online (, at Liberty Station Public Market-Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm  (San Diego); Hillcrest Farmer’s Market-Sunday 9am-2pm (San Diego); Buddha Baby (Retail Shop-San Diego).  You can also follow kb Pure Essentials on Facebook and Instagram as well as leave a review online!  Live, Love & Inspire!


(PRIDE Festival-2016)

KB Hemp CBD Oils


(Women’s Expo-2016)

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