Help your pet stay calm during the 4th of July festivities.
CBD could help your furry companion prepare for the bangs and booms of the fireworks this year!

Our pets do not have the same experience that we do, during our 4th of July celebration. It is natural for dogs and cats to be afraid of loud noises, as it can trigger their nervous systems. Dogs, most commonly perceive fireworks as a threat, responding in a “fight or flight” state, becoming anxious or afraid. So how can you  help?

If you haven’t already, try Kb Pure Essentials Hemp Pets CBD oil. CBD is an all natural alternative that can help keep them strong in stressful situations.

It has helped with chronic conditions such as; arthritic inflammation, nausea, and even the severity of seizures experienced by pets. The receptors associated with pain and illness are the same for anxiety and stress. CBD allows to holistically help reduce many symptoms.

Our Hemp Pets Line offers natural remedies and holistic blends to treat your furry loved ones right. Your four legged friends will be thanking you. Kb Pure Essentials is proud to provide a holistic approach to pet care harnessing the perks of CBD.



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