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The Women Who Are Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

Women in the Industry

Women weren’t in the spotlight the way they are now, in the Cannabis Industry. Up until a couple years ago, women weren’t reachable as colleagues, mentors or leaders. This is because the use of Cannabis Sativa has been historically discouraged and thought to be “unlady-like.” Women have been instrumental in changing the trajectory of the industry. It is now more important than ever to break the stigma and be a part of a bigger movement towards the legalization of medical cannabis. It is our goal to spread knowledge and accessibility of its profound health benefits. In fact, we believe that women in the cannabis industry have a unique skill set that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry; and our Kb Pure Essentials tribe is a prime example of that!




The Kb Tribe!  

Kb Pure Essentials was created by two compassionate and driven friends, Katie and Brooke. Their passion to educate and create a revolutionary line of CBD products, inspired  a tribe of professional and caring women to create their own paths in the Hemp/CBD industry!

The Kb Tribe is dedicated to leading the way in educating the local community and beyond. We each have a strong connection with hemp cannabis, and our mission is to bring the life changing benefits of CBD to every individual. We believe that hemp cannabis is a healthy alternative and we advocate for its use to support a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to be a team of women in the hemp/cannabis industry. It is our nurturing nature, understanding, and communicating skills that has helped us thrive and connect with people all over the United States.

Brought together with the desire to help, educate and inspire others, our tribe has been given the opportunity to be a part of something that allows us to connect on a personal level. It means a lot to us to be a part of an educational experience while advocating for a cause that we believe can change the world. Our goal is to bridge the gap and break the stigma on cannabis, provide CBD through easy accessibility, and inspire a healthy lifestyle in our society.

“The industry has grown immensely, and the diversity has paved the way in creating a collaborative industry.” 

Kb Pure Essentials stands proud to be a part of an industry in which women can influence and succeed. This no longer is a male-driven operation, where men call the shots. More so, the opportunities available to women in this rapidly growing industry, greatly influence in the evolution. The movement on cannabis has been possible because of all the public citizens, speakers, defendants, advocates, etc., who have shared their voice and power to break the stigma and end the cannabis prohibition.



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